A Report – One Way God is Using This Gift

February 10th, 2014

Report from Dr. Isaac on WA Hearing Screener

The first free hearing test for newborns with jaundice and newborn premature passed hearing test with low birth weight with normal hearing, mother was reassured.

I am glad a local government hospital has given me permission to do free hearing screening for all newborns. This is a huge milestone for me. So every Tuesday I will be screening babies and preaching to mothers as I advice.

Today I screened 7 babies. One baby’s mother died after postpartum hemorrhage (bleeding). One baby had severe jaundice and was receiving photo-therapy. One baby’s mother had HIV. The rest were premature and low birth weight babies. All had normal hearing except one that I will retest after two months.

It is such a joy to minister to these innocent children born with these challenges and difficulties. As I shared with the mother whose baby had jaundice you could see the one positive word of encouragement, that despite being in the hospital for a week with a sick baby, at least the baby can hear!

I am waiting for an outreach to the slum and will update photos as well.