Another Step

February 8th, 2011

What saves a man is to take a step. Then another step.
-CS Lewis

Much progress has been seen since our last report! The Geo-Physical Survey report indicates that the medical center well will have an ample supply of water to accommodate the needs of the hospital. An Environmental Assessment was then accomplished and we anticipate that report any day. This opens the door for the appropriate permits and, by God’s grace, the drilling will begin early in October! Another step.

But waiting for each step to be completed equals working. The community is busy clearing “God’s Hill” of brush and shrubs to prepare for both the ground breaking ceremony and the commencement of construction. It is expected that the brush will be cleared by the end of next week then the community will move on to widen the roads leading to the construction site. This is hard physical labor but the community is fully committed to this project and eager to be partners in their own health care! Another step.

The matching fund donation deadline was September 1st. We are grateful and blessed that $66,000 was raised! Then on September 6th we were able to receive the actual Non-Government Organization (NGO) certificate from the Kenyan government. We are incredibly blessed by this development as it was mandatory before to acquiring the needed permits for the medical center. Another step.

Even as we have been making the plans for the ground breaking on Saturday, November 5, we have received confirmation that the Right Honorable Raila Omolo Ondingo, the Prime Minister of Kenya, will be attending the ceremony! We are humbled and grateful for this expression of support for Sanjweru Medical Center. Another step.

Prayer requests:

  • Safety for those who are working so hard to prepare the land
  • Wisdom in preparation of the November medical mission team
  • Provision of the funds for the drilling of the well
  • That God alone will be glorified in and through all we do!

If you are feeling a tug on your heart to partner with TLM/TLK in this vision please contact us at or visit the to take your next step. The board and officers of Touching Lives Ministry and Touching Lives Kenya are grateful for the blessing of all our partners! Another blessed step.