Mission Team Meetings

The monthly mission team meetings include information on:

  • Team members preparing for missions physically – immunizations, preparing for the climate, prophylaxis for Malaria, sunscreens and insecticides, preparing for the climate, food and water, and more
  • Obtaining passports and visas
  • Travel and at home contact information, including a mission calendar and itinerary
  • Accommodations while on the field
  • The culture – dress, food, currency, simple words and phrases in the native tongue, forms of worship, and more
  • Spiritual preparation
  • Preparation for children’s, men’s, and women’s ministry
  • What a medical camp “looks” like and the various roles of team members during the camp
  • Preparing to return home after the mission
  • Fundraising

The dates of the team meetings for the next mission will be posted when available.