Construction Vision & Building Plans

The long term vision of Touching Lives is to establish a health system.

Creating Infrastructure on God’s Hill:

  • The bore hole, completed in February 2013, and water treatment system, completed in November 2013 and the Water Distribution Program launched in February, 2014.

Phase two will include :

  • Bringing electricity to the land.
  • Construction of an outpatient dispensary with a small labor and delivery area and a procedure room for minor surgery and emergencies.

Phase three

  • Will include the addition of a mortuary, per community request, and guest house to accommodate our short term mission teams, visitors to Sanjweru Medical Center and anyone who would like to take advantage of our “western” facilities.

Phase four and beyond

  • Once Phase three is completed we will begin to add the various inpatient units and services, i.e. Operating Room, full Labor and Delivery unit with an operating room for cesarean section deliveries, X-ray and imaging unit, etc.

Above is a layout of the medical center
with its various units.

Phase five – Long term plan

  • Will be the culmination of the Sanjweru Health System. Small clinics or dispensaries in villages 5 to 10 miles around the hospital will be staffed by the Kenyan equivalent of American physical assistants or nurses. These dispensaries will function as primary care “offices” for each community with a small labor and delivery room, thus making access to healthcare available to thousands who cannot walk 5 or more miles to Sanjweru for care. Should a critical patient come to a dispensary or a mama begin to have trouble in delivery, an ambulance from Sanjweru Medical Center will be dispatched to the dispensary and transport the patient for more intensive care and/or surgery. The vision is to build approximately 5-6 dispensaries around the hospital, in essence, creating a medical system.

This system will then become a reproducible model for other regions of Kenya and around the world. The Board of Directors and Officers of Touching Lives are committed to following this vision as God leads us forward.

We praise God for all He doing to for the people of this community and beyond!