Your Donation Provides…

Click (right) to read what YOUR donation can do for the people of these Kenyan communities. It's amazing what can be accomplished with your help!

Your Donation Provides…
Pediatric Healthcare for One ChildFresh Food For a FamilyMedical Screenings

Pediatric Healthcare for One Child

Your donation of $1,000 Shillings (8.82 USD) will provide a medical examination by a qualified physician who will tend to that child or teen's medical needs.

Fresh Food For a Family

Your donation of 4,000 Shillings ($35.29 USD) will provide fresh-grown vegetables, fruit from the orchard and eggs from the community poultry project and hatchery for a family for a full MONTH.

Medical Screenings

Your Donation of 10,000 Shillings ($88.22 USD) will provide medical screenings such as optical, blood pressure, blood sugar, and dental PLUS much-needed pharmaceutical services for one family for a full YEAR.