One Hundred Women, Chapter One – December 2014

OUR story begins in the remote, southwestern village of Sanjweru, Kenya on the shores of Lake Victoria. It’s a village similar to those around it – agriculture is the main source of commerce, most homes do not have running water or electricity, healthcare is too far away to get to by foot and too expensive, clothing for the children is often gotten by bartering and many of the women have to provide for their children on their own.

Then, with the encouragement of missionaries from Touching Lives Ministry, upwards to 100 women began to gather weekly for Bible study and prayer. This group, who call themselves Sanjweru Praying Women, became a sisterhood providing support, encouragement and hope to each other and their community.

These women began to pray for clean water for their families and community. God heard their prayers and used Touching Lives Ministry to provide a well and water treatment system in 2014. The Water Distribution Program was launched in February and the number of families accessing clean water, for the first time in remembrance, in continually growing…

Stayed “tuned” to learn more about how God is using the amazing group of women to help bring about change in their community!

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