Team Accommodations

As our mission teams enter Kenya, we are blessed to be able to acclimate gently to this new culture at the Rosa Mystica Guest House. It is located across the street from Nakumatt Junction Mall – yes, a mall! The team can exchange their currency, purchase snacks, and even get a Chinese dinner!The rooms at Rosa are all single occupancy except for a few rooms for married couples. Each room has a TV and western toilet and shower. The guest house has free wifi so team members can let their loved ones know that they arrived safely.

The teams generally arrive at the guest late at night (11:00pm-12:00am). Our stay in Nairobi is one full day and two nights. Breakfast is included in the cost of the room. Other meals are additional. Rosa Mystica Guest House provides a safe, it is gated with security guards, and comfortable welcome to Kenya!

While at the site of the medical camp and until the Sanjweru Medical Center Guest House is built, our teams stay at the Golgatha Center for Evangelization, a guest house and retreat center quite literally on the shores of Lake Victoria. The rooms here are also single occupancy, each with its own western toilet and shower. The team has a private dining room for breakfast and dinner (lunch is provided at the medical camp).

Communication home from the guest house is limited, although team leaders have Kenyan cell phones so that team members can call home 2-3 times during the medical camp to tell their loved ones, “Wish you were here!” Golgatha is also a gated facility.

Mission Accommodations