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It is the belief of the Touching Lives family that everyone can be a part of foreign missions! Many think that medical missions is only for medical professionals. The truth is that it is impossible to do medical camps without the involvement of non-medical participants who have a heart for service. Patients need to registered, escorted to the healthcare professionals, to the laboratory, the pharmacy, and the spiritual counseling areas. Men’s, women’s, and children’s ministry is a part of our medical missions as well. We invite both medical professionals and non-medical personnel to explore all that is involved in our short term missions. You can download the mission application here: TLM short term missions application.


Touching Lives recognizes that actively going onto the mission field is not something that God calls everyone to do. However, God might be calling you send a short term missionary through a financial sponsorship. If you would like to be a part of a Touching Lives mission in this way, please contact us at tlministry@verizon.net and we will pair you with a team member who needs your financial and prayer support. Or you can go to the Donate Page to sponsor a loved one or friend, just let us know who you are sending!

You can also “send” medications. We typically dispense prescription medications valued at $8,000. Take a look at how your donation can impact lives:

$25 will purchase medications for 5 patients
$50 will purchase medications for 10 patients
$100 will purchase medications for 20 patients
$250 will purchase medications for 50 patients
$500 will purchase medications for 100 patients
$1,000 will purchase medications for 200 patients
$5,000 will purchase medications for 1,000 patients 
Other – Provide support for Touching Lives Ministry Team Member


Whether you GO or SEND we are counting on your PRAYERS for the mission team and those we are serving. As you bless us through your intercession on our behalf, you can be sure that a blessing is waiting for you!

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